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Metal News: Bloodbath - New Video Released

Posted by admin on Sunday, October 21 @ 13:14:08 EDT (49 reads)

Prepare for a blood-soaked video from Bloodbath! The Swedish death metallers have debuted a video directed by Ash Pears for the tune "Chainsaw Lullaby". The video is a gore-filled, blood splattered ode to their weapon of choice spliced together with an AC/DC inspired death 'n' roll soundtrack.

Guitarist Anders 'Blakkheim' Nystrom explained: "I wanted to keep it really simple and uncomplicated whilst retaining an evil groovy drive to make the song engage in headbanging action and sing along exercises. Having started a 'red' thread, I then locked in the chainsaw concept as a dual tribute to the Boss HM-2 guitar pedal sound as well as my love for the horror slasher genre and had both the music and lyrics going at the same time. I've always been a fan of lyrical paradoxes and the song title was just waiting to happen."

The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn is a new slab of old-school, HM-2 driven blackness, set to be unleashed on the world on 26th October via Peaceville Records. This is the second album with Old Nick on vocals.

Courtesy www.metalstorm.net

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